Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Seek Treatment?
If the pain you are experiencing is harming your ability to go about the typical activities of daily living at home or at work and you want relief from this, now is the appropriate time to contact the doctors at the Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC. You are the best judge of your pain and its impact on your life. When your tolerance of pain is at the level that you are looking for relief and over-the-counter medication is ineffective, it is time to seek treatment. There is no reason to suffer with pain in today’s healthcare environment with its array of options to eliminate pain.Chronic pain is exhausting and inhibits your ability to face each day with the energy and enthusiasm that you need. Not only is this true, but chronic pain can take a strong emotional toll on you and the people around you. Withdrawal from interaction with others, depression, frustration at the inability to live healthy and active, anxiety – all of these conditions can present as a result of living with chronic pain.Chronic pain, left untreated, can become a permanent condition.
What Will My Recovery Look Like?
Needless to say, this is an important consideration as you seek an assessment and potential treatment for your pain. This is a question that can be best determined through a conversation with your doctor at the Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC. However, in almost all instances, due to the noninvasive nature of your procedure, you can expect to return to normal activities almost immediately. Our patients have a deep appreciation that our work is done on an out-patient basis.After some procedures you will spend a brief time in recovery being monitored by our medical staff before heading out. This outpatient setting for your procedure allows you to return to the comforts of your own home upon completion of your procedure. Our approach to pain management treatment in an outpatient setting helps our patients to avoid hospitalization and all of the complications that can be involved with being in the hospital. The doctors at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC want your treatment to be high quality, safe, uncomplicated and effective.Because the various treatment options offered by the team at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC are non- or minimally invasive, your recovery does not require the lengthy period of post-procedure recovery time involved in more invasive procedures.We know that you are anxious to return to your active life. You and your doctor will determine when you are ready to return to your daily routine. We know that you want to get you back to feeling well and up and running as soon as possible. We are all on the same team and we share those goals with you.
What if I am dependent on pain medications?
There are two issues which have to be addressed. Firstly, your painful condition has to be treated. Our techniques range from conservative care, such as physical therapy, through anti-inflammatory injections, and less commonly, with minimally invasive surgical techniques.The second issue is after your painful condition is controlled, how to wean off of the medications without an uncomfortable and lengthy withdrawal. We offer suboxone replacement therapy in a safe and monitored environment until you can re-gain your independence and begin living a life free of chemical dependence.
How long do results last?
Every patient is different and every injury/condition is different, therefore, the results will vary depending on each individual. Some patients experience permanent relief while others experience relief for months or years.
How long do procedures take?
The actual procedure takes only a few minutes. Your entire visit from admission to discharge will range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
How many treatments are needed?
Every patient is different and every injury/condition is different, therefore, the number of procedures required to bring about relief will also be different. Because pain may come from multiple areas in the neck and/or back at the same time, we are able to perform different procedures based on the origin of pain.
Is there any pain experienced during a procedure?
We specialize in “painless” pain management. Board certified anesthesiologists are in attendance throughout each procedure to make sure that our patients are comfortable and do not experience pain.
Can I reach someone after hours?
Every patient is provided with discharge instructions, a follow up appointment and a phone number to call for questions or problems. We are available to address your concerns 24 hours-a-day, 7 days per week
Will my insurance cover treatment?
Pain management is covered by most insurance plans. Please see below for a list of insurances we do or do not accept. Our qualified staff will verify coverage and obtain required authorization before any treatment begins. We are dedicated to minimizing the patient’s out of pocket expense.
Insurances We Accept

1199 Seiu National Benefit Fund
Anthem BCBS
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cigna Great West
Empire BCBS
GHI/ Emblem Health
Horizon BCBS
Horizon Federal
Nippon Life Benefits
The Empire Plan
United Healthcare
Workers Compensation
-We Accept All Auto Insurance
Insurances We Do Not Accept

Aetna Better Health
Horizon NJ Health
Oscar Insurance
UHC Community Plan
Do you provide transportation?
Yes, we provide transportation to and from your appointment. We can pick you up at your house, apartment, or wherever you need. After your appointment we take you back. This service is complimentary, no fees or charges will be made.

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