What is Nueralgia?

If you are experiencing sharp, shocking pain that seems to follow a nerve path, a prickling, or electric shock sensation, or a steady burning, you may be dealing with Neuralgia. Neuralgic pain sometimes presents as a muscle weakness. Neuralgic pain can often be felt with any touch or pressure or pressure to the skin. Some neuralgic pain presents with numbness or hypersensitivity to the touching of your skin. If you are dealing with neuralgia, this type of pain is felt in the same location over time and may feel worse when you move this area.

Pain from neuralgia can be constant or it can be intermittent. Neuralgic pain can be extreme and if you believe that you are suffering from neuralgia and your pain is not relieved by over-the-counter pain medications, an appointment with the pain doctors at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC to discuss your symptoms, clarify your diagnosis and determine your treatment options should be your next step to a return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

How is Neuralgia Diagnosed?

A visit to the doctors at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC will assist in diagnosing your condition and your treatment options will be presented and described. You will be interviewed about your symptoms and the onset of your pain. In diagnosing neuralgia, you doctor will take a medical history and your information on current medications will also be helpful information.Your doctor will perform a physical examination and this will assist in determining the cause of your neuralgic pain. Your doctor will also want to clarify whether or not there is a dental problem causing your nerve pain.

Based upon your history and exam, your doctor may order diagnostic tests to further confirm your condition. All of this will help to zero in on the cause of your neuralgic pain and this will clarify in prescribing appropriate treatment for the underlying cause. In the event that it is still not possible to determine of cause of your pain, your doctor will focus on relieving your neuralgic pain. Among treatment options there is surgery to relieve pressure or impingement on the nerve, physical therapy, nerve blocks and medications. Your doctor can assist you in your discernment of these options and the best solution for you. It is our goal to help you to understand neuralgic pain, the underlying cause of your pain, and the most appropriate treatment options for you.

Because neuralgia can often be caused by serious underlying conditions, it is critical that you seek medical advice. If neuralgia is ignored, there are multiple serious complications which you could experience: permanent nerve damage, permanent chronic pain, and permanent physical disability. The pain of neuralgia can be debilitating and can impact your ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Neuralgic pain can be extreme and at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC we will help you to understand and take charge of this condition so that your life will not be dominated by severe nerve pain.

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