Sports Injuries

Everyday we hear strong messages about the value of exercise in living a healthy lifestyle. Many of us live relatively sedentary lifestyles compared to past generations. Our jobs, our transportation, our leisure activities can contribute to this inactivity and many of us work to remedy this with exercise programs and participatory sports.

While adding exercise and sports activity to our day is a great thing, it does allow us to be vulnerable to sports injuries. You have heard the term “weekend warrior” – it is a real phenomenon. Of course, the best approach is prevention: getting into such physical shape that your body is up to this activity.

There are clear ways to train so that you can stay safe in specific sports. However, the reality is that sports injuries happen to professional athletes and to weekend warriors. These injuries can be painful and change your everyday life in dramatic ways. At Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC we approach sports injuries with the best available options in order to return you to your sports career or your hobby.

Participation in nearly any sport can result in spine injury,In fact, approximately 20% of all sports injuries involve the neck or lower back. Like many non-sports related injuries, this can result from repetitive impact (running) or twisting of the back (golf). Neck injuries occur most frequently in contact sports (football).

At Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC, we know that this pain can be debilitating and that you want to simply return to your healthy and active lifestyle. There are numerous noninvasive options to reduce your pain and prepare you for your return to sports activities.

It is critical that you not ignore or dismiss the pain you are experiencing. Take your first step toward pain relief and schedule your appointment with us today!

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