Facet Injections

If you have had a sports injury and are experiencing pain in your neck, low back, buttock, hip, or groin area over an extended period of time – two months or so – the doctors at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC may suggest a Facet Injection to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your pain.

A facet joint can be injured during sports activity and this can result in severe pain and/or muscle tension.

What Is A Facet Joint Injection?

Vertebrae are connected by facet joints and are located on both sides of the spine. A Cervical (top of the spine), Thoracic (mid-level spine) or Lumbar (low spine) injection involves numbing medication and corticosteroid, an anti-inflammatory medication. This injection is helpful in both the diagnosis and treatment of pain.

How Quickly Will My Pain Be Gone?

Based upon the extent and locations of your injuries, your pain from a sports injury may be eliminated by one to three facet injections or you may need to repeat the injections at a later point.

The Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC performs this procedure on an outpatient basis. You will be monitored briefly after this injection and then you will be allowed to return home. Most people return to normal activities the day after the injection, based upon your doctor’s assessment of how you are doing. You will be asked to monitor your pain level for several days, keeping in mind that corticosteroids can take 2-3 days to a full week to start working.


It is important to pay attention to this type of pain. Failure to diagnose and treat can turn this pain into chronic pain over time. Untreated spine injuries contribute to headaches, loss of movement, chronic pain, spine instability, depression, and disability.

The doctors at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC share your goal of a return to a healthy active lifestyle.Their assessment, diagnosis, and treatment will help to move you forward.

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