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Pain Management Treatment

Finding a solution to your pain has never been more hopeful. While in years past many people settled for a life of chronic pain, this is not the case today. At Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC we will accurately diagnose the cause of your pain and then recommend the treatment that will bring you relief from this burden. We have a well-trained medical group that will bring its expertise to your situation to hear you, to give you a solid diagnosis and recommend your treatments.

All of our treatments are done on an outpatient basis with careful medical supervision. We are in multiple locations to simplify your experience and we will communicate with your doctor as appropriate. We share your goal of a return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

As you visit our website, you will find a listing of many of our treatments. As you hover over these treatments, you will find a brief description of the conditions it is used to treat and the patient experience. Take your first step toward relief and contact us today for an appointment.