Nerve Blocks

A Nerve Block treatment is performed in order to interrupt the signals traveling along a nerve. This procedure is performed frequently by pain specialist doctors at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC as an effective tool for pain treatment. While a nerve block is used to treat pain, it is also an effective tool for diagnosing the source of pain and its effectiveness at eliminating pain can predict whether or not this block could be a long-term solution.

Different types of nerve blocks are done, based upon the location of the pain. Nerve blocks can be used to treat pain from nerve damage in the face, scalp, neck, back, shoulder, arm, hand and wrist.

What is A Nerve Block Procedure?

The medical team at Tristate Multi-Specialty Medical Services PC perform this procedure on an outpatient basis. The area to be treated will be cleansed and numbed. Fluoroscopy (a type of x-ray) may be used to determine the exact site. Once located, it will be treated with an anesthetic solution. After a brief period of monitoring (usually less than an hour) your doctor will allow you to go home. You can expect to return to normal activities the next day.

This relief can provide weeks or months of relief and in most cases is repeated several times for the best possible response.

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